Accelerated Development

FACE of HARVEST (FoH) programs take a biblically-based approach to philanthropic work. FoH programs allow for as much indigenous participation as possible, thereby allowing communities to take ownership of their projects and avoid donor dependency. FoH’s missional objectives are governed under Four Guiding Pillars: F*A*C*E.


FoH accelerated development programs are aimed at equipping individuals with the tools and resources they need to succeed, by providing them with access to short-term development programs such as academic sponsorship and specialized trade training.

  • FoH Training Centers: The FoH Training Centers are short-term discipleship facilities where we provide nurture, build character, and equip believers for ministry work. Read More: FoH Training Centers.
  • Leadership Development: FoH realizes that in order to ensure the long term viability of our efforts it is imperative to equip and train the local leaders with entrepreneurial skills through which they can positively influence the overall well-being of their communities. Read More Leadership Development.
  • FoH Kids Program: FoH runs a little school in the the Ndondoro community of Nairobi, Kenya. The school averages about 15 children. Staff include a permanent teacher, a school administrator, and volunteers. Read More: FoH Kids.
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