Community Health

FACE of HARVEST (FoH) programs take a biblically-based approach to philanthropic work. FoH programs allow for as much indigenous participation as possible, thereby allowing communities to take ownership of their projects and avoid donor dependency. FoH’s missional objectives are governed under Four Guiding Pillars: F*A*C*E.


FoH community health programs aim to improve physical health conditions and provide spiritual guidance through strategically orchestrated relief and clinic projects.

  • FoH Eye-See Project: The primary goal of the FoH Eye-See Project is to detect glaucoma during during the early development stages. Treatment of early stage glaucoma can delay its progression and also preserve the remaining visual field. Education is therefore a key element in successfully treating the disease. Read More: FoH Eye-See Project.
  • FoH Mobile Clinics: The FoH mobile clinics operate under the supervision of certified medical practitioners. Operations consist of occasional medical and hygiene clinics, regular home visits and referral services. Read More: FoH Mobile Clinics.

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