Corporate Partnership

Partnering with FACE of HARVEST sends a clear message about your commitment to social responsibility to your customers, employees, shareholders, and the faith community around you. You and your corporation can participate in a variety of ways to strengthen your business mission. You can start the process by:

  • Aligning your corporation with a FoH community development program by either funding a new project, or by investing in one of our existing programs. We can tailor a partnership plan that reflects your corporate values, philanthropic commitment, business and missional objectives. For more information simply fill out a contact form along with your comments. Partner with FoH.
  • FoH understands that every philanthropic engagement plan is as unique as the business itself. Considering this, FoH looks to you for your corporate help to support FoH causes and programs that align with your corporate mission. Donate Now.

We are busy in the harvest-field! Why don't you come join us?