Empowerment Programs

FACE of HARVEST (FoH) programs take a biblically-based approach to philanthropic work. FoH programs allow for as much indigenous participation as possible, thereby allowing communities to take ownership of their projects and avoid donor dependency. FoH’s missional objectives are governed under Four Guiding Pillars: F*A*C*E.


FoH is intentional about providing continued training and equipping, and also in fostering relationships with the broader church community through ecclesiastical, evangelical, and spiritual development programs.

  • FoH Kenya: The mission of FoH Kenya is to proclaim the Gospel of Jesus Christ in Kenya. The regional headquarters are in Mombasa. Read More: FoH Kenya.
  • FoH Lebanon: The mission of the FoH Lebanon is to share the Gospel of Jesus Christ amongst the local and visiting communities in and around Lebanon. Read More: FoH Lebanon.
  • FoH Music: FoH Musicians utilize their unique gifts to spur on the Church and encourage believers to play a more active role as servants of Christ. Read More: FoH Music.
  • FoH Radio: FoH Radio’s purpose is to share the gospel, to educate, to inform, and to provide edifying and wholesome entertainment. Go to: FoH Radio.

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