First Response

FACE of HARVEST (FoH) programs take a biblically-based approach to philanthropic work. FoH programs allow for as much indigenous participation as possible, thereby allowing communities to take ownership of their projects and avoid donor dependency. FoH’s missional objectives are governed under Four Guiding Pillars: F*A*C*E.


FoH responds to select humanitarian crises in the Middle East and Africa. FoH relief efforts provide humanitarian assistance in emergency situations through a holistic multi-pronged approach to meeting the immediate physical and spiritual needs of those affected.

  • Emergency Relief Program:
  • FoH SafeHouse Project: The SafeHouse is a secure refuge for individuals suffering from persecution due to their profession of faith. An individual staying in a SafeHouse is discipled and is also provided with tools and resources to improve their economic livelihood after their SafeHouse stay. Read More: FoH SafeHouse Project.

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