About FoH

FACE of HARVEST (FoH) is an evangelical emergency relief and development Christian mission agency. FoH works at bridging the gulf between the mission of the Church to care for the suffering and needy, and the reality that many in the Middle East and Africa have yet to encounter the Gospel Truth (Luke 4:18) in a biblical holistic sense, through care for both their spiritual and physical needs. FOH was founded in 2009 in light of concerns about increased natural disasters, outbreaks of disease, and crises caused by humans.

Ministry Philosophy: FoH is committed to alleviating physical and spiritual distress throughout the Middle East and Africa. We affirm the notion that, “Without care about eternal suffering, care about temporal suffering is a mirage. It looks like love, but the greatest gift is being withheld.” FoH puts into practice the love of Christ (John 13:35), taking a biblically-based approach to sharing the gospel, being deliberate about discipleship training, meeting people’s physical needs through humanitarian aid, and combating poverty at the grassroots level through our leadership and community development programs.

Mission Statement:

Advancing wholeness to individuals, families, and communities
throughout Africa and the Middle East…

FACE of HARVEST was founded with a gospel-focused mission to advance “wholeness to individuals, families, and communities…” The concept of ‘wholeness’ is derived from the Hebrew world “Shalom,” which is often translated into English as “Peace.” However, this understanding does not do justice to the fullness of the word. Shalom, has connotations of ‘completeness,’ or ‘wholeness’. The concept of advancing ‘wholeness’ drives FoH’s mission to promote both physical and spiritual well-being of individuals without neglect of one or the other.

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