FoH Mobile Clinics

FoH Mobile Clinics: During a FoH visit to Eastleigh a Somali refugee community in Nairobi, Kenya, in 2009, FoH was so moved by the plight of the residents in the township that we embarked on launching medical mobile clinics to tackle some of the community’s health challenges. Due to the success of these clinic initiatives, similar mobile clinic projects are being reduplicated throughout out the Middle East and Africa.

FoH Mobile Clinic Operations: In the communities in which FoH operates, very few medical services have official certification. Most of the medical operations are fraudulent and do not administer adequate medical services, therefore, air and waterborne diseases are rampant. The FoH mobile clinics typically operate under the supervision of registered medical practitioners. On a day to day basis their work load consists of patient home medical care and referral provision for more acute cases. The staff also conduct occasional medical and hygiene camps.

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